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Classification of plastic containers - according to the production process

Also called rotational rotational molding, rotational molding. Is a thermoplastic hollow forming method. That powder or paste material is injected into the mold, through the mold heating and aspect to the rotation of the rolling, make the material by its own gravity and centrifugal force in the role evenly covered with mold cavity and the melting, cooling after demoulding, and hollow products. The rotational speed is not high, almost no internal stress, not easy deformation, sag etc..

Rotational molding process and the main production: PE water tanks, chemical storage tanks, PE plus kits, dissolved salt boxes, plastic tank, plastic mixing bucket, water tank, acid-base tank and other large containers.

Blow molding is a method for producing hollow thermoplastic parts. Blow molding process consists of 5 steps: 1 plastic type embryo (hollow plastic pipe extrusion); 2 in the type of embryo will be the flap valve closed, clamping mold and cut off the embryo; 3 to the mold cavity of the cold wall, adjust the opening and maintain a certain pressure during cooling, open the mold, unloading is blown parts; 5 finishing flying side get finished.

It is widely used in the hollow blow molding. It is commonly used to form a variety of packaging containers, which is widely known as a bottle of mineral water bottles, disposable cups and daily necessities packaging containers.