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About Us

Changzhou Changshun Plastic Co. Ltd commenced trading in 1995, and is a privately owned South China company located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province. By leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and backed by a team of 10 engineers and 50 process operators, we take our business forward with a commitment to quality and outstanding service.

Our factory covers an area of 6900 square meters. With an annual production capacity of 10 million units, we not only supply products to inner China but also have a very strong global customer in Japan, America, Korea, India and European countries. Our products have been used in various fields including food processing, pharmaceutical, health care and chemical industries with size range from 4L to 25L, or customized per buyer’s request.

Our company aims at delivering highly capable and cost-effective packaging solutions. We strive for customer satisfaction.

Quality Commitment

In working toward our mission, we maintain strict Quality Control in the manufacturing process:

·         An ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Management System.

·         Original material imported from Japan complies with the US FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520(c) 3.2a.

·         Commercially sterile 100,000 compressed air to lower contamination risk.

·         Class 10W clean room

·         Jiangsu Entry & Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau P.R. CHINA certificate.

·         P.R. CHINA QS manufacturing certificate of food production.

·         Jiangsu Product Quality Testing & Inspection Institute certification (2013) SJZWJ-GK0577 of soft plastic folding box Quality testing.


Product Line- Cubitainer

The cubitainer is a flexible cube-shaped insert that made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) inside a heavy-duty outer carton. Designed to inflate or collapse as liquid  is filled or dispensed. A reversible well on the top of the insert permits opening to be raised or depressed for pouring or storage. Different caps/faucets/taps can be chose upon the use.  The cubitainer was built to withstand the rigors of hazardous chemical packaging and the use meets applicable DOT, UN and FDA specifications and requirements.


Liquid, Viscous, Semi-Viscous, Water Thin

Food processing: flavoring, water , beverage base, oil, olive oil, palm oil, soy sauce, rice wine, Japanese sake, mirin, vinegar, fruit wine, vegetable juice, fruit  juice, food additives, liquid sugar, milk, lactic acid, acetic acid.

Medical: ultrasound gel, ECG gel, PH buffer, interfacial agent, distilled water, high purity water, thimerosal, cleaning solution, mouth wash, eye drops, medical reagents, diluents, haemolytic agents, diagnostic reagent

Industry: cosmetics, essence, AD blue,  dilute sulphuric acid (<50% conc),  boric acid, liquid fertilizer, pesticide, developer, fixing bath, ink, coating, printing ink,  metal analysis reagent,  machining liquid cooling, fuel sample collection for ship, polishing solution, soil coagulant.



·         Temperature tolerance: -20°C– 85°C

·         Clarity: Medium

·         Chemical resistance: good

·         Impact resistance: high

·         Rigidity: semi

·         Scratch resistance: high

·         Food contact acceptable: yes

·         Recyclable material: yes


·         The flexible LDPE material provides collapsibility, and is widely recycled.

·         Conforms to FDA regulation 177.1520 which permits the use of polyethylene in articles that contact food.

·         Various faucets/caps/taps upon your needs.

·         Reduced plastic contents.

·         Light weight.

·         Cubic shape.

·         Low cost.


·         Tough and durable cubic shape allows robust standalone use with optional handle.

·         Product dispensed in a continuous, uninterrupted stream with complete evacuation, limited exposure and zero waste.

·         Efficient & cost effective: cubic shape maximise the use of storage and transportation space as minimises dead spaces on pallets.

·         Customizable.

·         Easy to fill: can use existing filling equipment.

·         Maximum package integrity and security: non-glug and no foaming/splashing.