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Common plastic

Each plastic containers and at the bottom is a digital (it is a with the arrow of the triangular, triangle has a digital).

"No. 1" PET polyester (polyethylene terephthalate ester two)

A bottle of mineral water, carbonated beverage bottle

The beverage bottle recycling don't hold water

Use: heat resistance to 65, cold to -20, only suitable for the installation of warm or cold drink, high temperature liquid, or heating is easy deformation, there is harmful to the human body into the. And scientists have found that 1 of plastic products used for 10 months, may release the carcinogen DEHP, testicular toxicity.

Therefore, the beverage bottles run out would be lost, don't to do for the cup or used as a storage container by other goods, so as not to cause health problems outweigh the benefits.

"No. 2" HDPE high density polyethylene

Cleaning supplies, bath products

The cleaning is not thorough recycling is not recommended

Use: can be used after careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not good cleaning, the remaining original cleaning supplies, become a breeding ground for bacteria, you should not use the recycling.

"No. 3" PVC PVC

At present, rarely used in food packaging.It is best not to buy

Use: this material is easy to have harmful substances at high temperature, even in the process of manufacturing it will release, toxic substances into the human body, may cause breast cancer, neonatal birth defects and other diseases. At present, the container of this material has been relatively little used in the packaging of food. If you use, do not let it heat.

"No. 4" LDPE low density polyethylene

Plastic film, plastic film. Do not wrap wrapped in the surface of the food into the microwave oven for

Use: heat resistance is not strong, usually, qualified PE film in the case of temperature over 110 degrees Celsius will appear, will leave some of the human body can not break down the plastic preparation. And, wrapped in plastic wrap food heating, the food in the oil is easy to the plastic film in the harmful substances dissolved. Therefore, the food into the microwave oven, the first to take a parcel of fresh film.

"No. 5" PP polypropylene

The microwave meal box.Because microwave reheatable general use microwaveable PP (polypropylene, special PP for microwave oven high temperature of 120 DEG C, resistance to low temperature of - 20 DEG C), because of the cost. The lid is not generally used special PP, into the microwave, will take the cover from below can be used. Due to various types of bayonet type box mostly use transparent PP instead of special PP, the general can not be put into the microwave oven.

Use: the only plastic box that can be put into the microwave oven, can be used after careful cleaning. Need special attention, some microwave lunch box, box body indeed to 5 PP manufacturing, but the lid is to 1, pet manufacturing, the pet can not withstand high temperatures, so can't and the box body together into the microwave oven. For insurance, the container is placed in a microwave oven, and the lid is removed.

"No. 6" PS polystyrene

Bowl of instant noodles box, food box. Don't use the microwave oven to cook instant noodles.

Use: heat and cold, but can't be put into the microwave oven, lest because of too high temperature of the released chemicals (temperature of 70 DEG C when the release). And cannot be used for passenger loading acid (such as orange juice), strong alkaline substances, because it will dissolve polystyrene for the body is not good, easy to cause cancer. Therefore, you should try to avoid packaged snack foods hot.

"No. 7" Others other