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POM plastic

POM (Delrin) Definition: POM is obtained by the polymerization of formaldehyde engineering thermoplastics it is a high-density, high crystallinity has good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially those with excellent abrasion performance is also positive... because these excellent chemical and physical properties of the steel can be comparable, but the weight is lighter than steel, it is called "Race of steel"!
Gravity: 1.41-1.43 g / cc molding shrinkage: 1.2-3.0% molding temperature: 170-200 ℃ drying conditions: 80-90 ℃ 2 小时
Material properties better overall performance, strength, stiffness, anti-friction wear resistance, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, but poor thermal stability, easy burning and easy to aging exposure in the atmosphere. Suitable for production of anti-friction wear parts , transmission parts, and chemical engineering, instrumentation, and other parts
Forming properties
1. crystalline materials, narrow melting range, melting and solidification, melt temperature slightly lower than the melting temperature, crystallization. Fluidity medium. Absorbent small, without the drying process.
2. The low coefficient of friction, good elasticity, plastic surface is easy to produce wrinkle pattern of surface defects.
3. easy to decompose, the decomposition temperature of 240 degrees. When the decomposition irritating and corrosive gases occur. Therefore, mold steel corrosion resistance of the material should be selected production.