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PPO plastic

Specific gravity: 1.07 g / cc molding shrinkage: 0.3-0.8% molding temperature: 260-290 ℃ drying conditions: 130 ℃ 4 小时

Material properties
1. white particles. Good overall performance, can be used in 120-degree steam, electrical insulation, water is small, but tend to stress cracking. Noryl eliminate stress cracking
2. outstanding electrical insulation and water resistance, good dimensional stability. The dielectric properties of plastics in the first place.
3.MPPO is modified material PPO and HIPS blends prepared, currently on the market are such materials.
4. have a higher heat resistance, glass transition temperature of 211 degrees, melting point of 268 degrees, heated to 330 degrees decomposition tendency, higher PPO content of its better heat resistance, heat distortion temperature up to 190 degrees.
5. The flame of good, self-interest, and HIPS mixed with moderate flammability. Lightweight, non-toxic for food and drug industries. Poor resistance to rotation, prolonged use will change color in the sun
6. The modification treatment can be blended with ABS, HDPE, PPS, PA, HIPS, glass fibers and the like.

1. suitable for production of heat-resistant parts, insulating parts, less wear resistant parts, transmission parts, medical and electronic components.
2. Can be used for high temperature use of gears, blades, valves and other parts can be instead of stainless steel.
3. Can be made screws, fasteners and connectors.
4. Motor, rotor, chassis, electrical transformer parts.